Our Request to Assemblyman Levine’s office for a hearing

PO Box 1480
La Mesa, CA 91944
January 6, 2016

Ryan Ojakian, Legislative Director
Assemblyman Marc Levine
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Room 2141
Sacramento, CA 94249-0010
Dear Mr. Ojakian,

Our members and supporters are keenly interested in getting a hearing with Assemblyman Levine and the members of the Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee.
Since August we have been collecting signatures for a ballot measure which would legalize ferrets in California (Enclosed).

However, we knew we had no change of 365,000 valid signatures but at the time we felt it was a possibility to collect ¼ of that amount to trigger legislative hearings.

The evidence and documentation about why ferrets should be legal in California – and all I should have to point out is they’re legal in 48 states, already in California in large numbers, and very few problems occur because of them, should be overwhelmingly in our favor. We have the facts; we need some attention or service from our representatives.

As of today we are at 8,000 signatures, far short of the 91, 470 needed by next month. So we won’t be triggering those legislative hearings.

But we would like to ask for a legislative hearing anyway. Our members have spent many hours outside Petco’s and PetSmarts and other locations collecting those signatures and talking to people about ferrets and our rights as citizens of California. We deserve and democracy requires that we finally have a voice to say “ferrets mean a lot to us, they’re family and there is no valid reason to continue the ban on them.”

Therefore, I am asking you to schedule a hearing in front the Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee.

We have also requested a meeting with Assemblyman in San Rafael so we can present the signatures we have gathered.

How can we proceed on this issue? It is time to wrap up the ferret issue, it’s not that complicated or controversial.

Also enclosed are signatures from a Change.org petition from people all over the world asking that we get our voice heard. It is a horrible feeling to be shut out.


Pat Wright