Below is what we submitted:

In 1933 California's Wild Animal and Bird Importation law went into effect banning domestic ferrets as wild animals. However, no study or investigation was ever conducted. Additionally, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife acknowledges that ferrets are indeed domestic animals.

Every state except California and Hawaii have lifted previous bans. Since the 1990s ferrets have been increasingly popular as pets and receipts from pet stores show California is #1 in the sale of ferret supplies.

This initiative proposes to legalize domestic ferrets in California provided that they are sterilized, vaccinated for rabies by six months and the owner pays a one-time licensing fee of $100 at the time of purchase.

We are making some pretty serious charges here.  First, Fish and Wildlife is regulating a domestic animal, they have never conducted any study, survey or investigation as to the merits of banning a domestic animal.  In other words, we've never had any kind of hearing yet our rights are violated.

And California the #1 state for ferrets, we can site proof through the receipts of pet store receipts, we know Californians buy 27% of the nation's ferret supplies, more than the next two states combined.

Will we be challenged on this?  If so, will our opponents rely on facts or will they stick to the "we don't have time for this?" argument.