Exactly, What is the Purpose of this Ferret Ban?

This week I received two emails from victims of California' prohibition on ferrets.

There are two kinds of problems people report. Being turned in for ferrets or not being able to come to California with pet ferrets. Which to us, are members of the family.

First email:

I live in California and I have 3 ferrets. They are my pets. My soon to be ex-husband called fish and game and reported to them that I have ferrets. I need some advice on what I should do. Thank you.

The ferret ban must be good for ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends. I've never heard from male ferret owners being turned in by women.

The second was from a gentleman in Brazil who just accepted a job in San Francisco. What a surprise to learn his ferret can't come? What do to?

Why is there a ban on ferrets? Does it protect us from invasive species? Then why couldn't get an example of any ferret being invasive. There is not one documented case of feral ferrets in teh USA.

Ferret prohibition isn't the biggest problem facing California. But stupidity is way up there.

I hope there is enough support amongst California ferret lovers to collect signatures and get this ban over turned.

4-Power to the People