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Ferrets Anonymous began in 1993 as an effort to legalize ferrets in California.

The beginning of the effort to legalize ferrets in California, rally outside of Senator Lucy Killea's office, July 1993.

We were working with the California Domestic Ferret Association and they said they needed a legislator to sponsor a ferret legalization bill.

So I, (Pat Wright) went around to all the San Diego area legislators at the time asking people to sponsor our bill.

Senator Lucy Killea's office (and I had some connection to her office as she helped refund an illegally collected sales tax after a few of us in the Libertarian Party were successful in a lawsuit)  told us "not enough people are interested in this for it to merit my attention."

At which case, and without thinking, I said "what if we have a rally and gather our supporters?"  And about sixty people showed up!  I gathered names and addresses and called a meeting.

First item on the agenda was "what do we call ourselves?"  This was in a community room with the Parks Department.  Several people came in looking confused asking "is this Narcotics Anonymous?"  "No - they're down the hall."

Finally we got that question for the whatever time, and someone said "No, you're at Ferrets Anonymous!"  And the name stuck.

Shortly thereafter newly elected Assemblyman Jan Goldsmith was addressing the Libertarian Supper Club and at the Q&A session someone, not me - asked if he'd sponsor a bill to legalize ferrets.  And without hesitation he said "yes."

If only it were so easy these day!

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