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It’s been a long time since we’ve met in Northern California but we’re heading that way to not only see – but to make history in the long effort to legalize ferrets in California.

We have the best speakers – and best attendees to gather in California on the issue of ferret legalization, something that has been going on way too long.

With an Environmental Impact Report about to be filed, with California about to elect a new Governor and legislature – join us as we enjoy our ferrets and ask – Isn’t it about time ferrets were legal in California?

Please note - there will be food at this event. Well, not a lot of food. But you shouldn't go hungry.

The Program

Noon – Welcoming Statement

12:15 – The Icebreaker

Expect a little magic to get the event started

12:30 – Why is Todd Filming This?

Todd Dayton VideographerTodd Dayton is an independent filmmaker with Fallout Pictures. Our goal is to produce a professional video to tell our side of the story. Previous to this meeting we’ll be sending Todd to three Bay Area ferret owner’s homes to get their story. At the Revival he’ll be filming and conducting mini-interviews to get a lot of people’s stories. This is an historical occasion and is your chance to be recorded.

12: 45 Melinda T – What Every First Time Ferret Owner Can Expect

Melinda T - what every first time ferret owner can expect

Melinda T is a long time ferret activist and encyclopedia of ferret info. She’s been a real go getter in the ferret legalization effort known for her ability to wrangle contributions. She also has a wicked and understated sense of humor and what’s funnier than ferrets with first-time owners?

Melinda has rescued a lot of ferrets. She’s seen the whole gamut of ferrets and the humans they run into. Even if you’re an experienced ferret owner you will learn and laugh – a lot.

1:45 Doris Gentry – How a Politician Views the Ferret Issue

Doris GentryDoris Gentry is a conservative Republican candidate for the 7th Assembly District. She is making a serious run in a Democratic-leaning district. She is a self made business woman and we have a few questions for her:

How can ferret legalization advocates be taken seriously in Sacramento? What is our best strategy of success? Why does anyone even want to prevent ferret legalization?

2011 is going to be our year to be back in the legislation. How can our grassroots organization be successful?

2:30 PM Bob Church – How Does Your Ferret Think?

Bob Church, world's number one ferret expertBob Church is probably the world’s foremost ferret expert. And he is one of the favorite speakers.

One thing we really wanted at this conference was someone who knew how the ferret brainworked – what a mystery that is! Known for their keen intelligence and limited attention spans –

How does a ferret think? And how can a human make their wishes known? Bob will try to explain one of the great mysteries of the Universe.

4 PM Jeanne Carley – World’s Leading Ferret Photographer

Jeanne Carley Ferret Photographer ExtrordinaireJeanne met her first ferret in the late 1980’s she was immediately smitten. She spent the next 14 years working to overturn California’s ban on ferrets, including sponsoring a bill that eventually reached Governor Schwarzenegger’s desk but was sadly vetoed. She also fought for and implemented a rescue of ferrets confiscated and often euthanized at California’s Agricultural stations.

But Jeanne is perhaps best known nationally, and internationally, for her ferret photography. Her award winning ferret calendar delights fans in the US, Canada, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Her highly recognizable ferret images have appeared in newspapers and magazines in North American and Europe including countries as far away as Poland, Belgium, Russia and China.

The centerfold poster of Jeanne's 2010 edition, recently won The People’s Choice award in a national portrait contest beating out over 6,000 other human and animal entries. Hot off the press is her 2011 edition, Flower Ferrets. Jeanne is also working on a coffee table book of her ferret photography due out in 2012. Jeanne’s work can be seen on her web site.

Jeanne’s presentation will reveal how she successfully works with these very difficult to photograph pets, including the photoshop magic used in many of her images.

5 PM Dr Rene Gandolfi – Things You Probably Don’t Know About Ferret Health

Dr Rene Gandolfi leading ferret veterinarianFor specifics. There appears to be a couple of ways to prevent the development of adrenal disease in ferrets that don't as yet have the disease. Considering that over 50% of ferrets will develop AD in their lifetime, prevention has enormous value. In addition, it seems possible that with drugs like Lupron and Deslorelin, many AD cases can be managed medically, thus avoiding the cost and troubles associated with adrenal surgery. In addition, I have some "hot" news about a vaccine that is being developed to prevent AD.

In the case of Distemper vaccination, two studies (not published yet) have evidence that as much as 90% of ferrets that have been properly vaccinated against distemper may not need boosters yearly, and may even be protected for the rest of their lives. Considering how terrible vaccine reactions are, this information might have serious impact on our vaccination strategies.

6 PM Dinner Break

Deli Platter of fresh meats and cheeses, soft rolls and condiments and a fresh season fruit plate will also be available. Dinner is poolside so it may get cool.

6:30 PM – Bob Church – “What about those New Zealand Ferrets?”

map of New ZealandWhen talking about the damage ferrets supposedly do to wildlife, the environment or agriculture our very own California Department of Fish and Game will always mention New Zealand (and the red fox for some reason). Ferrets, polecats, weasels and stoats were introduced into New Zealand in large numbers in the 1850’s to control the rabbits that were introduced even earlier. Not a very thought out plan, and the result – a cross between the European polecat and domestic ferret the New Zealanders refer to as “ferrets.”

Bob has traveled to New Zealand and he’s figured out the conditions when a ferret can go feral and those conditions where they cannot. The risks of them going feral in the United States are not zero, but statistically speaking, the chances of them going feral are insignificant and far less than almost any animal currently for sale in California pet stores. New Zealand really was the key, but there were several historic events in the United States that firmed the evidence. There are good reasons why ferrets are not feral in the US and Bob believes he has handle on the answer — at least as much as can be understood without an actual in-field experiment.