Ferret Legalization Petitioning to Start Mid-August

threeferrets1We are working very hard to get ready to start the petitioning to get our California Legalization Initiative for Ferrets on the ballot - or at least in front of the California Legislature.

We should have our petitions by Mid-August and will be petitioning until Early February.  We need a little over 90,000 signatures to be in front of the California legislature and over 360,000 signatures to be in front of the California voters.

Rules have changed substantially to make it easier for groups like ours to use the imitative process.  And by ours I mean smaller groups with less funding but still a good cause.

Our goal now is to work on signage - which I hope to unveil in Sunday's CLIFFNotes.

I also hope you will sign up as one of our petitioners - sorry you have to be in California to do so.  Please sign up here.

Lastly, I invite you to join our Facebook group for petitioners.




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